Every piece of criticism people put online against a certain group of people, let’s say trans people for example, there are always responses like “let them get on with their lives, it’s none of your business” or “why do you care anyway?” or “let people do what they want to do”.

These are all valid responses, but are they really?

I’m not here to debate if transgenderism is okay or not, that’s not why I’m writing this article.

I’m here to discuss whether or not you should let people get on with their lives, or should you always be putting your two cents on every topic that sprouts up on your social media feed.

In my opinion, I think it’s good to have an opinion on every topic, especially trending topics, that are going on right now.

Whether that’s LGBT+ as a whole, or if you agree with Trump being the president or not.

This is simply because; you never know if you’re going to be faced with these questions in the real world.

A future employer, lover or even child may ask you a question about one of these trending topics and you will be thanking your lucky stars you ever pondered them for a little while previously so you weren’t left scrounging for an answer.

It could make or break a relationship, or drastically change the way a conversation is going if you have the ‘right’ opinion or not.

What not to do.

Now, although I believe you should have an opinion on every topic you can, I’m not suggesting you stick your neck in where it is wanted.

If you believe abortion is wrong, but there are people celebrating getting one on social media – there is absolutely no need to tell them how much of a horrible person they are.

It’s absolutely their choice and unless you REALLY want to go down that route, then I’d suggest just scrolling past it.

If you engage with it, you’re likely not going to come to any conclusion or fair ground and on top of this you’re just going to drown your own energy, which could have been better spent improving yourself instead of trying to sway the opinion of another.

Unless your eally want to become an activist for pro-life, protesting outside govemrent housing, there is no reason to debate people online about this.

It’s a good idea to read about their opinions, so you can get the other side of the story, or even find someone who is willing to talk to you about their side, but usually you won’t be able to find the latter from a random person on the internet.

Everyone gets hostile as a defensive mechanism, especially if a stranger on the internet is telling them that they are wrong.

What you should do

You should have an opinion about the latest topics and life’s hard questions, not only will this just allow you to discover what you truly believe in, since you get to essentially sit down and interview yourself – sort of like what I’m doing here – but you’ll also be able to form opinion that you can recall in the time of need.

What I mean by this is, if you’ve got a strong opinion on abortion, then knowing where yous tand is going to be absolutely vital if your girlfriend ever gets pregnanet.

Knowing where you stand on something like transgenderism is going to be absolutely vital if little Timmy comes home one day and tells you he wants to be a girl.

Having opinions on things isn’t just so you can own someone on the internet, its good to know what you actually believe in so you can learn more about yourself whilst storing these opinion in the bank of your mind when the time comes for you to actually defend yourself, your beliefs or even just so you can help someone with a decision they’re making who is looking for your input.

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