The major issue with the internet, especially when people look at other people that they don’t know on a personal level, is that they don’t give others the chance to change.

They’ll read an old tweet from 2010 and have the belief that the person they are looking at right now (looking at their social media profile) is EXACTLY the same person they were once they wrote that tweet many years ago.

And the issue is here, isnt that they COULD be the same person.

But in 90% of the cases, they probably aren’t.

Why? Well because people grow.

They have experiences which could literally change how they look at the world, and because people online don’t know the person they’re judging on some personal level, they don’t get to see this change.

Like you would if you watched a close friend or family member go through the same ‘change’ as this online person might have.

Of course, this stems from the toxic shitshow that is canceling culture.

Toxic people with nothing better to do with their lives dig dirt on people they don’t like online, to find some way to cancel them.

They’ll go through their old tweets, tweets that they might have made when they were young and foolish and hold them against the person they are today.

Its fucking pathetic.

It really is.

But that’s just what being on the internet is; everything lasts.

And you or I could get cancelled one of these days, who knows maybe people will use the content on this very website to try and assassinate my character.

(Good luck trying lol.)

What all this bullshit comes down to, is the fact that people don’;t give other people the chance to change.

Even though, we fucking know people CAN and WILL change throguhout their lives, for some reason people treat the faces they see on the internet differently.

They believe that a person will never change (mostly because they think x person is bad to begin with, and people could never change (XD)) but they don’t even give them the opportunity too.

But these shit heads who go around trying to cancel people, of course don’t want to give these people the opportunity to change, because then they’d be wrong in hating on a person who has changed from bad to good.

And these fucking little gremlins hate being wrong.

Anyway, I’m getting a little bit off topic and talking TO MUCH about cancel culture.

Let’s move on to the meat and potatoes of this topic: you should let people change.

Anyone reading this, and me typing this, knows that we have changed throughout our lives.

We cringe at things we’ve done beforehand (which is a good way to know you’ve changed btw) and sometimes we even look in the mirror oneday and see the change in real time.

But we need to start applying this logic to other people.

Yes it’s hard, because you can never get into the heads of other people.

You never know if they have TRULY changed or if it’s just a front.

But regardless, we should give people the opportunity too.

We should not judge a human on one fucking tweet, or an article they published.

Even if they published it recently, you don’t know shit about a person because you read a 140 character tweet about some opinion they may have.

Sure it’s fine to judge, that’s what we’ve evolved to do after all.

But we need to make more of a conscious effort or perhaps not to judge, and if we do judge let’s not go snipe someone’s character because we don’t like what they say or who they are.

Not only is it a waste of time anyway, but you just suck the energy out of yourself which could have been better used to do something productive, perhaps used to change yourself in a better way.

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