Harley Quinn is part of the DC universe and is one of the most notable characters to have ever existed, though of course, she is in the shadow of her lover, the Joker.

And his lover, Batman.

Though, let’s not fall too deep into this.

The purpose of this article is not to talk about any of the comic books, animated shows, or even award-winning films.

Today I want to talk about Harley Quinn; or rather the personality behind Harley Quinn.

Now perhaps there may be a better example for this than the Queen of Crime herself, but I think it’s one with which everyone on the planet knows and has some sort of familiarity.

Whether you enjoy her on-screen for her craziness or her…looks.

Before you delve deeper, yes I am a male, so anything you read is of course from this perspective.

But I want to talk about HQ as a whole, and present why I think the character is much more interesting than what you see at face value and how a personality like hers exists in real life; as well as being a somewhat desirable one in the dating world.

A quick TLDR on my Harley Quinn theory

The theory, or rather observation, I have made is that Harley Quinn appears to be a desirable love interest for the Joker, her soon-to-be victims, and anyone who sees her on the big screen or in a comic book.

Though talking about the big screen specifically, that might have to do with the actress who currently plays her, Margot Robbie.

How can you not fall in love with her?

But let’s look past that for a second.

What makes Harley Quinn so desirable?

Because it isn’t just her looks.

But if it isn’t just her looks, then what is it, why would anyone of sane mind be attracted to a person who has blood following her like a shadow, practically has no solid relationships with anyone, and would kill you in an instant if the situation benefited her.

Why is this character, in particular, become such as desirable ‘fuck’ for anyone who knows anything about her, especially when you have much more desirable characters in a similar spotlight like any single Disney Princesses (I’m more talking about personalities here rather than age, let’s not get too deep into this thought…)

So, this is my theory or thought, people, LOVE HQ, every female dress up as her on Halloween, and any guy who lays eyes on the character, whether on screen, in a comic book, or on a video game wants to fuck her brains out.

In short, I think we just like things that are a little crazy.

Every guy wants a girl with a few screws loose whether we admit it or not, and girls KNOW and understand this on some level, hence why they are obsessed with dressing up as her on Halloween.

On top of this, humans are self-destructive, we like things that we probably should like because they might do us more harm than good – it’s pretty exciting.

And personally, types like HQ give us this thrill when we are around people like her.

Of course, when I say people like her, I mean a real-world equivalent, not some psycho-killer. 

With all this being said, I want to delve into this little thought a bit more, for no other purpose than to just get my thoughts out onto the page; if no one reads this I couldn’t give a fuck and if anyone does and you certainly don’t like it.

Again, I couldn’t give a fuck.

Understanding the ‘Harley Quinn Girl’

In this section, I want to outline what a Harley Quinn girl is so that you understand the conclusions I’m drawing in the next few sections of this article.

Without listing every trait Harley Quinn has, generally, she is a nut case, very psychotic, poor with her emotions, makes rash decisions, and does whatever she needs to do to benefit her, even if it hurts people.

Essentially displaying a lot of the traits which are associated with ‘Toxic Mascualitniy’ though I won’t use this umbrella term much because;

  1. Toxic Mascualntily is complete bollocks.

Although one good part of her character is that she is very much her own person, although she is generally seen as a sidekick to the Joker in any medium, she can generally go off on her own and be her own person.

This is essentially her only ‘desirable’ trait which could make  her worthy of your time, assuming you meet a ‘Harley Quinn Girl’ in your life

Why would you want to be with Harley Quinn?

All things considered, it seems to be that Harley Quinn is still an attractive person to be with, despite the archetypical character flaws she has.

How do I know she’s an attractive person to be with? 

Have I put out a survey?

Of course not, I just know this from my own thoughts (yes Harley Quinn is on some simple level a desirable girl to me).

And looking at many people online who talk about Harley Quinn and how much they love her.

But even if I hadn’t read any of this, you can see from her character alone that she is an attractive female to be with; she is a crazy girl.

And crazy girls drive guys mad.

Though of course HQ is very fucking mad and crazy, her personality can be seen in real-life females, females that you or I could interact and fall in love with at essentially any moment.

But is this a good thing? Would you even want to be with a girl like HQ?

This is sort of the whole thought, on one level you would.

Because your life would be as exciting as it ever could, you would have amazing stories to tell your friends and family and you’d share some crazy moments that not a lot of couples get to share.

This is of itself makes the HQ girl more attractive than essentially any girl out there.

But this craziness is not healthy or helpful to you or to her, especially for a long-term relationship.

And another level, this girl is a terrible idea for you, she will ruin your life, you may pick up bad habits (life-destroying habits) blow off family members, lose your job, lose other relationships you hold dear to your heart, etc.

But then, why is it that she is such an attractive girl in the first place?

In my theory, a lot of it has to come down to the fact that we are generally living in the moment, we fantasize about only the best things, and an HQ girl in those fantasies is the best.

You think only about the crazy things that you’ll get up to, and not the long-term sadness that is sure to come from interacting with a girl like this for too long.

Why do girls want to be Harley Quinn?

This though isn’t as fleshed out as I’d like it to be, mainly because I haven’t sat on this particular section of the theory too long but, why do girls want to be Harley Quinn?

Now you could argue, girls would never want to be this sort of slutty, crazy girl that can never hold a man (or anything else for that matter) down.

But why is it then that girls are always leaning towards craziness in their online personas?

They all reposts wank that talks about them being ‘crazy’ or that their future boyfriend needs to be “prepared for their mischief’.

And writing on their post with friends such as ‘partner in crime’

On top of that, when Halloween comes around, there are fucking millions of girls dressing up literally as HQ herself; which essentially represents and signifies craziness to everyone around her.

Now, are they doing this because they KNOWN guys want to fuck crazy girls like HQ?

Or are they doing it because they want to appear to be crazy?

After all, it’s Halloween which at this point is about being something you’re not, and crazy is probably the opposite trait of a lot of these girls who are dressing up.

So, why is the HQ girl so attractive?

Humans LOVE doing shit they shouldn’t be doing, whether it’s eating bad food or getting up to criminal activity.

There is a thrill with doing the wrong thing (whatever is perceived to be wrong) as it brings you about a feeling which you’re almost not supposed to be feeling because it’s been brought about by doing something negative.

And I think HQ girl, the character, and this ‘personality type’ embody this type of ‘wrong thing’.

Being with them, short or long term is 100% a bad idea, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to do it.

And I think that’s where the attractiveness comes from and that’s why girls want to be her and guys want to fuck her.

I think a girl like this, who on a logical basis, you would never want to even make eye contact with, is so desirable to so many people, says a lot about humans as a whole in my opinion.

Guys wanna fuck Harley Quinn and Girls wanna be Harley Quinn.

Closing thoughts

It’s clear to me why a girl like HQ is desirable.

She can bring madness to your life like no other, and you get to live thrills that many people do not; which also feeds into humans’ own self-destructive nature.

There are plenty of females that are like this, on a real-world level, that is out there.

You could meet them tomorrow at the bar or perhaps in the supermarket, they could come into your life and give you the most exciting time you’ve ever had whilst floating on this rock we call planet earth.

But in the end, what they give to you might not be worth what they actually take.

They WILL in the end destroy your life if you hang with them for to long, which makes them so desirable, to begin with.

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