A lot of work is meaningless but that doesn’t no mean it’s not necessary to you.

I find that many people complain about work these days, and I’m not talking about people who come home from their day jobs and moan about what happened that day; because that’s all of us.

I’m talking about the people who think people Shouldn’t work and everyone should just be able to do what they want to do (fuck all) and live out their lives without worrying about work.

Let’s not get into the money aspect of this issue today, it’s a bit political and I can’t be arsed talking about it…let’s cover why work is actually important to you as a human.

Yes, some jobs are meaningless.

I don’t dispute the fact that some jobs are fucking meaningless, almost all of them are.

If we could live in a world where instead of filling out spreadsheets for our bosses who are looking to buy another lambo, we instead put our effort towards growing our own crops and living off our own land, then we’d be a better society for it.

But this of course isn’t reality.

Now with this being said, some shitty jobs are really handy for you to grow as a person.

From my personal experience, I did a year or so in retail.

It was fucking hellish, but it allowed me to so the different side of retail shops like you wouldn’t understand.

People THINK you know every because you work their, the reality is you don’t

People THINK you give a fuck about their problems, you don’t – you just wanna get paid.

People THINK you have everything in stock…yeah you fucking don’t

These few things made me realize a lot about companies as a whole and what people don’t actually realize: there is just humans behind everything.

I’m slightly getting off topic here but you’ll see it all the time.

People complain about Coca Cola ad for instance, not realizing that the person who made it is just trying to make money to feed their kids. 

Perhaps it has a bad message behind it, but sometimes that gets overlooked when the designer just wanted to hit his/her deadline.

Anyone, that’s a topic for a different talk.

Let’s get back into it – some jobs might be wank but can actually do you some good.

I think if you’re moving from job to job, say every couple of years, you’ll always be presented with a new challenge, so you can develop skills even if it’s just people skills, to make you a better person.

But ultimately, you should be looking for work that resonates with you.

Fuck the office jobs where you fill in spreadsheets.

Sure someone has to do it but don’t let it be you for too long.

Those jobs are great because you get to understand the industry from a no-risk point of view, but if you’re there for too long your soul will be sucked from you.

What I’m trying to say is, some jobs are really good but are really bad for you in the long run.

Use these jobs as a stepping stool to something greater, something that will have your soul dancing happily every time you clock in.

Sense of purpose

Ultimately, work gives you a sense of purpose.

Even if you feel great after completing a spreadsheet for someone, its an awesome feeling isn’t it?

But don’t hold onto that sort of thing for too long.

You need a true sense of purpose.

Although, it doesn’t need to be ‘work’.

You could do the most boring shit in your work life but if it allows you to fly to some third world country and allows you to give them fresh water, then I think it will be absolutely worth it.


This article is all over the place but what I really want to say is, work is good.

Don’t demonize work.

Although there are jobs that people really shouldn’t be doing, its about taking what you can from an experience and making sure you use that energy or perhaps that anger and putting it to good use by creating something you’ll love to do.