6 months left.

Let’s not get into the thoughts and feelings of it all shall we, I mean I feel like I’m here every couple of months, writing the same thing, because the same thing is always happening;

The work is not getting done.

I think I’ve never gotten out of that emotional ‘can’t be bothered stage’.

And that’s just an emotional response because the thought of doing the work is pretty boring to me, but I’m not sure why if I’m honest.

The idea of SEO, internet marketing and anything to do with the online world is really cool to me but the thought of pushing keys on the keyboard is just really boring.

Well that’s not entirely true.

I do like writing these little journal entries and when I talk about SEO or affiliate marketing, I do like doing that.

Although I hate the editing side, or creating images or whatever, I think because I don’t enjoy it so I’m just like “Why should I do it?”

The whole reason to quit my job was to do things I liked doing, so why should i do something I don’t want to do.

BUt the answer really is, If i don’t, I’m going to be back in a job i hate, surrounded by people I probably won’t like back to essentially square one.

And with the added bonus of completely making a fool out of myself by banging on about “ye I’m going to be rich” etc and just being that guy that never follows through.

Okay I said I wasn’t going to write like this but whatever, I needed it off my chest.

I just need to start, for once, doing the things that are going to be absolutely good for me.

So, this is where my brain is at, at the moment:

Be completely online.

One of the biggest anxieties to me is that I hate putting myself out there, I don’t mind when I know people and then I can be chill and say what I want but that takes time.

And that’s sort of not what I’m on about.

The reality is if I want to be successful in this industry I need to put my face out there, or I’m not going to succeed.

On top of the fact that it’s inevitable.

I’m going to have to get my face out there one day or another because the world is moving to a place where everything is going to be online so if I don’t at least put what I WANT out online now, perhaps in the future things I don’t want will be fully out there for the world to see.

Ultimately, I want to be a content king, in everything I do for this day forward.

I want to produce content for my website, on the website.

I want to create videos about the content on my website, on a YouTube channel.

I want to create content like this for my personal blog, as well as a personal YouTube channel.

And on top of this, even when I play video games, since I don’t think I can quit them since 1) I enjoy them and 2) it’s essentially where I get a lot of my socialization, I”m going to produce content on them too.

Whether that’s streaming or YouTube content.

Basically, that’s the plan, work wise.

Life wise, I just need to do what I know is already right.

Fuck the excuses I just need to take action right now.

I’ve got about 6 months left before I’m back at square one, and if I think things are hard now, they’re going to be MUCH MUCH worse the time 2022 comes around.

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